• Deed of Discharge - 1736
  • Decorated Keystone School
  • Demand for Payment - 1736
  • Old Hamond School on Campingland
  • Hamond's School - Late 1930's


The charity invites applications for financial assistance from individuals under the age of 21 years, living in the Breckland DC (Norfolk) area and particularly those residing in or near Swaffham.

The charity can provide assistance in cases of need for such things as books, tools, equipment, instruments, outfits and educational trips, including assistance for those leaving school, in preparation for taking up an apprenticeship or further education.

The trustees meet twice a year at the end of April and October. Applications should be received by the 31st March or the 30th September respectively.

If financial assistance is awarded, you may be asked to provide a receipt; also a report, after 6 months, on how you have spent the grant.

All information supplied in the course of an application will be held securely in accordance with rules on data protection. The charity is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office for data protection.

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