• Deed of Discharge - 1736
  • Decorated Keystone School
  • Demand for Payment - 1736
  • Old Hamond School on Campingland
  • Hamond's School - Late 1960's

Please read the following Privacy Notice before downloading the Application Form from the link at the bottom.  

The Hamond Educational Charity takes its responsibilities for dealing with personal information of applicants and other persons or organisations it might handle information relating to, seriously and will act in accordance with legislation relating to it.

Personal information in possession of the Charity will only be handled by the Trustees of the Charity and their clerk and any other person approved by the subject of the information.

The only information we collect is provided by the applicants for grants or other person having dealings with the Charity. This might include referees nominated in connection with applications for grants and parents/guardians of applicants under the age whereby the applicant is old enough to agree to personal information being processed. The application form details the nature of the information we require in connection with grants.

The trustees may disclose aspects of information provided in the course of a grant application with persons nominated as referees.

The Charity will only use your information:

a) To administer and manage our relationship with you.
b) To decide whether a grant, as applied for, is appropriate.
c) To deal with any enquiries from you.
d) To comply with applicable laws, regulations and rules.

You have rights under data protection regarding the processing of your personal information, including rights to:

a) Request access to personal information we hold about you and details of our processing it.
b) Request us to correct inaccurate personal information.
c) Request us to delete personal information in certain circumstances.
d) Receive your personal information in a format suitable for transmission to a third party.

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office if you think there is a problem with the way we handle your information.

We will keep your personal information for no longer than is necessary. The Charity will maintain a register of grants given or refused and will record names and addresses of applicants together with the dates of grants/refusals and amounts granted. The information will be held for 5 years.

If you have any queries about your personal information and how we use it you can contact us at:

Clerk to the Hamond Educational Charity
71 Otter Road

PE37 8JE

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) can be contacted at www.ico.org.uk or by telephoning 03031231113.

In addition to the above we will be pleased to take the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with any of the points covered.

Please click here to download our Application form which should be printed out, filled in and posted as detailed on the form.