• Deed of Discharge - 1736
  • Decorated Keystone School
  • Demand for Payment - 1736
  • Old Hamond School on Campingland
  • Hamond's School - Late 1930's


The Hamond Educational Charity is a registered charity numbered 277789.

The charity is administered and managed by a body of trustees - 5 nominative and 4 co-optative. The co-optative members are appointed by the trustees themselves. The trustees usually meet twice a year - in April and October.


As a charity registered with the Charity Commission, it must maintain an accurate and up to date register of all trustees at the Commission and certify annually, the accuracy of the register.


The central governing document of the charity is a Charity Commission Scheme made on the 4th September 1978. The trustees have also adopted policies within the scope of the Scheme dealing with financial investment and general administration. The trustees rely upon independent financial advisors for appropriate guidance on the investment of its endowment capital.