• Deed of Discharge - 1736
  • Decorated Keystone School
  • Demand for Payment - 1736
  • Old Hamond School on Campingland
  • Hamond's School - Late 1930's

About the charity

The trustees of the Hamond Educational Charity administer a capital endowment in order to raise income. That income enables the charity to carry out its objects.

The primary object of the charity is:

"...to apply the income of the charity in promoting the education (including social and physical training) of young persons under the age of 21 years who reside in the District of Breckland (Norfolk) and are in need of financial assistance, with a preference for those who reside in the Town of Swaffham:

(a) in awarding to beneficiaries exhibitions, scholarships, bursaries, grants or maintenance allowances tenable at any school, university, college of education or other place of learning approved by the trustees

(b) in providing financial assistance, outfits, tools, instruments or books to assist beneficiaries on leaving school, university, or any other educational establishment to prepare for, or to enter into, a profession, trade or calling."

To the extent that available annual income is not used as above, the charity may provide assistance to the Nicholas Hamond Academy and other schools in the local district.